What are compound movements and do they help build muscle fast?

Instagram body-builders may have led you to believe that bodybuiling is a delicate process, full of movements tailored to building that one specific muscle you’ve never heard of. But what most people often forget is that building muscle is a brutal undertaking. Think about it, you purposefully make micro-tears in your muscles, for them to [...]
January 29, 2018

Is Overtraining Real?

7 billion people, 7 billion new year’s resolutions regarding weight loss.  But in your pursuit of washboard abs, a Kardashian booty and Schwarzenegger like arms, could you be pushing yourself beyond the limit? Are you overtraining? What is overtraining? Overtraining is the bogeyman of the fitness world; it’s rare and misunderstood. Contrary to popular belief, [...]
January 23, 2018