Dean and Deluca, Bangkok Review (w/ menu & prices) | 2018

Restaurant Reviews / Monday, January 8th, 2018
Dean and Deluca Bangkok

Dean and Deluca Bangkok is to girls on Instagram what Sports Bars are to bros in football jerseys. Defendable to death and easy to like.

Dean and Deluca essentially brands themselves as a cafe, but their menu is extensive, so it’s not exactly a cafe more than it is a bistro. So now that we’ve got the correct term out of the way, let me expand on what a bistro actually means.

The term ‘bistro’ is said to have been derived from Russian soldiers, who, when in Paris demanded food to be served “bistro, bistro”: ‘quickly, quickly”, in Russian. And so, the bistro was born. Casual, informal dining spots, home to inexpensive, easy and quick meals; bistros became the soul of Paris and showcased the diversity of French cuisine.

But, I digress, let’s get in to Dean and Deluca Bangkok review!

Vegetarians do not fear, plenty of vegetarian options: quinoa salad, fettuccine pistachio pesto, feta salad, chestnut soup etc.

Ambiance and Decor

Aesthetically, Dean and Deluca Bangkok is faultless, it sticks to the minimalist theme and executes it perfectly. Black and white decor lines the counters, tables, chairs and paintings and nothing looks out of place. It’s cozy, casual, and the atmosphere it provides is only rivaled by Starbucks.

You also come across a wide variety of people using this establishment in different ways; groups of tourists, students studying for exams, business professionals on their laptops, and lastly casual eaters like you I all seem to be in their element at Dean and Deluca, which I believe is its greatest strength. Nothing I can critique here, a warranted 5/5.


Dean and Deluca Bangkok has no shortage of staff or customers and the staff is mostly attentive but they do appear to be a little aloof every now and then. The service and speed at which food was bought was actually really good, and the staff does seem to know about the dishes they’re serving. I asked them about the holiday special the bistro was offering and the waitress gave me a complete breakdown of the ingredients. I was thoroughly surprised.

Dean and Deluca Bangkok Milkshake
Dark Chocolate Milkshake and French Vanilla Milkshake
Dean and Deluca Bangkok Broccoli and Cheese
Broccoli and Cheese


One of the golden rules to being a critic is to not let bias cloud judgement. Which is why I gave Dean and Deluca a shot, even though I have not been impressed by their offerings before. The problem at this bistro is that it tries too hard. It excels at nothing. I can say their coffee is good, but not great. And their food is more of the same.

What We Ordered:
  1. Dark Chocolate and French Vanilla Milkshakes – Did you know when you blend ice in milkshakes they become smoothies? Do you also know Dean and Deluca ฺBangkok has a habit of mislabeling things? The only thing I could taste in these ‘milkshakes’ was ice.
  2. Salmon in Pastry – Norwegian Salmon, zucchini, soft carrots, a basil cream sauce and some salad leaves. This was pretty good…at least the salmon. A carrot and zucchini mix stuffed into the salmon left it moist and flaky; a worthy star. The pastry continued the tradition of Dean and Deluca being a food disappointment – unfortunately, under-cooked. The basil cream sauce continued my journey into the abyss of disappointment by being flavorless, tasting more of Thai Mayonnaise than anything basil related.
  3. Broccoli in Cheese – If this dish was named after a Kendrick Lamar song it would be titled TERRIBLE. If you’re a fan of cheese-whizz on 2-week old boiled broccoli this dish is for you.
  4. Fettuccine Walnut and Pistachio Pesto – Finally a slightly redeemable dish. The pesto actually tasted heavenly. It hit all the right notes. The richness of the Pistachio was balanced perfectly by the lemon zest. The sauce tasted bright, my only complaint: It was too oily. There were chunks of walnut scattered throughout the dish and the crunch of the nuts complimented the cook of the pasta. I was happy this one.

Note: Dean and Deluca Bangkok has a separate cake menu.

Dean and Deluca Bangkok Salmon Pastry
Salmon in Pastry
Dean and Deluca Bangkok Fetuccine Pesto
Fettuccine with Pistachio-Walnut Pesto


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Dean and Deluca Bangkok has fooled me into visiting their establishment yet again. That realization hit me when the bill arrived. I paid over a 1000THB for 3 mediocre dishes and two poor milk-shakes.

Remember me mentioning bistro? Bistros are supposed to be inexpensive, and Dean and Deluca is definitely not. Here’s a breakdown. All day breakfast, pastas, salads and sandwiches are between 250THB – for a ham and cheese melt, to 445THB – for a New York Reuben. Cobb salad, grilled chicken, rocket leaf and more make up the salad line up. Pastas include: Beef Lasagna, Bolognese, Carbonara, Prawn Fettucine, Italian meatballs and Olio with Ham. All day breakfast’s are disguised under fancy names but don’t breach the status quo (think Eggs Benedict, Avocado Toast, Pancakes).

Main course meals are also in the 350THB – 500THB price range and offer standard western cuisine such as steak, Chicken Schnitzel, BBQ ribs, Pork Tenderloin and more.

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