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Restaurant Reviews / Saturday, December 16th, 2017
Shahrazada Bangkok

Living up to its name and nestled somewhere quite literally in the corner of the vast expanse that is Soi Sribamphen, The Corner is Bangkok’s answer to those small café restaurant hybrids you see in Hollywood movies when the protagonist is walking the roads of some scenic European city.

Ambiance and Decor

Although not gloriously large in size or decorated with beautiful paintings, there’s something about this place that oozes comfort and coziness, which is fitting, considering The Corner Bangkok offers lodging facilities right above their restaurant for an affordable 500 baht a night. Back to the ambiance, The Corner provides a vibe which allows the customer to actually relax in the city which never sleeps. The lights are dim, the tables are wooden and the seating is set in a way which allows you to have your own personal space in a restaurant that is rather small.

Tip: If you’re heading over to the place in a large group be sure to book ahead. The largest table they have seats 10 people at best.


Thailand is known as the place to be when it comes to hospitality, however, most restaurants don’t really live up to the standards Thailand has set in the past, at least in recent times. The great part about The Corner is that the staff actually really tries to make the customer feel like King. In our experience they were always ready to serve and often times did not even need to be called to clear the tables or take an extra order even though the place was packed!

The Corner Bangkok Bread
Complimentary Bread
The Corner Bangkok Panini Sandwhich
Panini Sandwhich


Moving on to the elephant in the room- the food. Almost everything at The Corner Bangkok is home cooked and it really shows, as soon as we sat down we were served with complementary bread and pesto, to our surprise, the bread was fresh and hot, and the tapenade really had that flavor which comes from something that is not mass-manufactured. The menu at this place has a bit of everything, from Thai, to appease the locals, to International foods such as pastas, burgers and sandwiches which are perfect for the expat-heavy neighborhood, the restaurant even has a little bit of a Mediterranean selection with falafel, pita bread, hummus and even baba ghanoush (eggplant dip). However, the wide variety doesn’t seem forced and it fits right in with the theme of the place- grounded, homely and simple.

So, after all this praise why does the food get a 3/5? In our opinion, just like the menu, the food plays it too safe- we fully expected not to get fireworks from a humble eatery like The Corner, however, the items we ordered still did not live up to our expectations fully, especially after a little taste of the complimentary fresh bread served as an appetizer.

What We Ordered:

Green Curry w/ Rice: Probably the prime example of playing it too safe- the curry, although good, doesn’t fully live up to its potential with probably the most important flavor missing; spice. We do understand however, that the dish is customized to suit the expats that fill up the restaurant and have really put this place on the map.

The Corner Pasta: Boldly named after the restaurant, The Corner Bangkok’s specialty pasta is basically Pasta, with Bolognese sauce on top. The pasta itself was al dente, but the sauce was a bit too sweet for our liking. The Pastas are available in two sizes, Small and Regular. We ordered small.

Panini Sandwich: This was the highlight of the foods we ordered and really is one of the reasons The Corner Bangkok is held in such a high regard by their clientele who keep coming back for more. Honestly, this is one of the best sandwiches we’ve ever had, the bread was home-made, the ingredients were fresh, and you could really taste that the veggies were picked out the same morning that we visited. A true testament of what simple and fresh food really is. Unlike the excessiveness that most new off-the-path restaurants are stressing on nowadays, the Panini sandwich is kept simple with the right amount of everything on those two pieces of bread.

The Corner Bangkok Pasta
The Corner Pasta
The corner bangkok greencurry w/rice
Greencurry w/rice


A warranted 5/5- the prices are not too expensive, very reasonable and the quantity and quality you get is worth every penny. Prices range from B90-B150 for breakfast options, mains (not including steaks and meats) are between B180-B250, and if your heart really desires a steak or seafood the prices won’t go above B500. Another thing The Corner Bangkok does different is offer the option of different portion sizes for some dishes, Small and Regular- think of the “small” as a serving for 2 people and the “regular” as something for 2 to 4 people, of course depending on how hungry you are (we wouldn’t blame you if you ate the regular size alone to be fair). Added in with a decent list of drinks including the ever-present Thai beer selection, fresh juices which are actually fresh such as the Mango Mantra (that we ordered) priced between a modest B90-B120 and a decent in-house Wine Selection, The Corner Bangkok is not just your regular neighborhood ‘café which tries to be a restaurant’, but a place where you are guaranteed to get value for money.

Note: Vegetarians, do not fear! Plenty of options are available for you and even foods with meat included can often be customized to your needs. Some of the suggested Vegetarian options are: Mediterranean trio and the Le Provencal sandwich.

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