Glassroom Udom Suk Bangkok, Review

Restaurant Reviews / Saturday, December 16th, 2017
Glassroom Bangkok

Hear me out; if Sukhumvit is Batman- the first to experience developments, the highlight of the city, and always coming out on top even though it HAS ISSUES (traffic, noise and people pollution anyone?). Then Udom Suk is indeed Black Panther, in more ways than one. Just like Black Panther, this neighborhood is always under the radar, rich (with experience) and clean (like Black Panther’s execution), oh and it’s developed its own robust food scene, not including the mega malls which have sprung up nearby. The focus of the food scene however, should be The Glassroom, a rather hip and cozy restaurant to spend a Saturday night eating and drinking with your loved ones.

Ambiance and Decor

Man if this doesn’t get a 5 out of 5 nothing does.  Stating I love it, would be an understatement on my part. This restaurant is what I want all restaurants to aspire to be. It’s so relaxed, cozy, bright, welcoming, and yet seats around 50 people on any given day, and the best part is that it’s always packed, which is a testament to how popular and worthy the praise for this eatery is. The Glassroom is host to mainly Thai and Chinese clientele, with a smattering of foreigners at any given point of time. However, that doesn’t make the place intimidating to visit- the décor is classic, all white and of course, living up to its name, there are no walls, or should I say, the walls are made of glass. Glassroom, Udom Suk also has seating arrangements outside the restaurant, set on a little patio surrounded by greenery (just grass, best you can get in Bangkok to be honest). I’m a bit disappointed though, they removed the pool table at the back of the diner, but that doesn’t detract from the experienceJ.

Glassroom Bangkok


Probably the only criteria where Glassroom Bangkok falls short of expectations. The service at this place isn’t great, yes, the place is almost always full, yes it’s under-staffed, but no that doesn’t excuse The Glassroom Bangkok for having poor service. They’re not abysmal or anything but sometimes you feel like you’re being ignored on purpose, and simple requests such as asking for Water or ordering another Beer takes way too long for comfort. By the way, be prepared to wait for your food for a bit, as these guys seem to prepare dishes on a table-by-table basis, meaning you’re going to get your beer, starters, main course and dessert all at once.

Glassroom Bangkok Shrimp Cake
Shrimp Cake
Glassroom Bangkok Larb Mhoo Thod
Fried Pork Meatballs (Larb Mhoo Thod)


Thai food is notoriously simple to make should the ingredients be present, but simplicity does not mean ease. Fortunately for us, The Glassroom Bangkok has managed to capture the essence of Thai food in its simplicity. In my opinion this place has perfected what a mid-tier/ non fine-dining restaurant can achieve with the quality of ingredients they have at their disposal. Here’s what we ordered;

What We Ordered:

Larb Moo Thod (Fried Pork Ball Salad): A specialty of the diner, it’s what we order every time we step foot into here. And boy is it worth it, these little meatballs taste exactly like a compressed version of the popular Isaan Salad (Larb) would. I cannot begin to describe it, we could taste the crunch of Khao Kua (toasted sticky rice) on the batter and it only added to the roasted fragrance of this dish, and for those who are concerned about spice, don’t worry this has just the right amount of chili in it to not overpower, but enhance the flavors this dish has to offer.

Khao Phad Gai (Thai Chicken Fried Rice): Thai comfort food, a staple. Glassroom Bangkok did no wrong with this dish, it had the right amount of eggs (most places skimp on this for some reason) and since we ordered the ‘family plate’ the quantity was more than enough. The chicken in the dish was also plentiful.

Shrimp Cakes: These cakes were thiccccc (as the youth of today would say) – plenty of shrimp in them, and fried to perfection. The batter was pretty much perfect, it didn’t lack salt and was fried to be light, crisp and stuck on to the shrimp meat. Brilliant tempura texture, delicious.

Pad Pong Curry Koong (Yellow Shrimp Curry): Traditionally made with Crab, we were feeling rather shrimp-y on the day and so chose to go with the Shrimp version of this curry. For starters, the shrimp were huge, and truly tasted fresh, they’re weren’t overcooked to the point of being chewy like how most establishments usually end up serving the delicacy. The curry itself was fabulous, chock full of green and white onions to give the dish an extra crunch. Would recommend.

Glassroom serves Singha Draft Beer (which we also ordered)

Glassroom Bangkok Thai Yellow Shrimp Curry (Pad Pong Curry Gung)
Thai Yellow Shrimp Curry (Pad Pong Curry Gung)


This is a step-up from Thai stalls on the roadside, but it is below Thai restaurants found in malls or the CBD of Bangkok. The prices however, a teetering towards the ‘mall restaurants’. We paid 950 Baht for 4 dishes and a pint of Singha draft beer.

The appetizers cost around 80-150 THB. Main meals cost 150-300 Baht (the family plate was 300 Baht) and a pint of Beer is worth around 200 and seafood also hovers around the 250-350 Baht mark.

Not exactly costly, but not exactly cheap either. You’d probably pay around 500 Baht for food on the streets of Bangkok.

Note: Vegetarians, do not fear! Plenty of options are available for you and even foods with meat included can often be customized to your needs.

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