Gucci Mane – El Gato: The Human Glacier – Album Review

Song and Artist Reviews / Thursday, December 28th, 2017
El Gato The human glacier gucci mane

If anyone has bossed 2017, it’s Gucci Mane. From walking out of prison in late 2016, getting married, releasing a best-selling autobiography, losing 50 pounds and effortlessly dropping 5 projects in one year,  Gucci Mane is the one man who actually followed through on his New Year’s resolution list. Gucci’s latest addition to his discography is his brand new album: El Gato: The Human Glacier.

The East Atlanta Santa returns to his trap roots without the star-studded features employed by other returning greats to boost album sales. With instrumentals paying homage to the ‘street Gucci’, the question then remains, will Guwop be able to capture the essence of his older mixtapes, or the sound of the street has aged badly over time?

The 30-minute album starts off with Rich Ass Junkie, a song detailing Gucci’s exploits in his drug dealing days. How he used to sell dope to the rich and wealthy; claiming that junkies come in all shapes and sizes.  From the homeless to the rich. It’s all just so well hidden. The hook is great and the verses are introspective. A very strong start to the album

The next song titled Dickriders has a catchy hook but is otherwise unremarkable- it’s a safe listen. It’s a song for those days when you want to listen to Gucci but not really pay attention.

Mall is a song I wanted to hate. It’s so superficial but it’s also catchy. Gucci is at his braggadocios best- stating you can’t buy his style, it has to be acquired. As the Mane once eloquently put- “he acquired the sauce”, and “you gotta get seasoned”. The style can’t be transferred: it has to be earned.

El Gato The human glacier gucci mane

Side EFX: a two and a half-minute funny song featuring lyrics like “Dick rock-hard like a math test” and “Doin’ editin’, turns out she’s just a fat bitch”, no chorus, no hook just 180 seconds of pure flow. This is one of my favorite tracks on the album.

TYT (Thick, Young Tender) is a play on Michael Jackson’s PYT (Pretty Young Thing), in typical Zone 6 fashion Gucci states he loves his women rougher around the edges, women who can handle themselves in demanding situations, a fitting tribute to his wife: Keyshia O Ka’oir.

Sea Sick is a song I tend to skip because of the irritatingly repetitive melody embedded into the beat. It detracts from whatever Gucci says and completely ruins my listening experience. In case you’re wondering the track is (literally) about killing foes.

The eighth track on El Gato is titled Smiling in the drought. Guwop is full force on the street flow on this track. He reminisces his days of being a proactive drug dealer. Stashing bricks and pounds of dope so he was never left struggling for money when the feds cut off drug supply temporarily. The production on this track is lacking, and it doesn’t feel very well made, to be honest.

Strep Throat is literally a song about women getting strep throat from sucking on the goose for a long time. Very skippable.

El Gato: The Human Glacier ends with a powerful outro in Southside and Guwop. Gucci raps like he did before he went into prison and it’s eerie how easy it is to distinguish this track from some of his more ‘industrial’ releases such as I Get the Bag (ft. Migos). A fitting end to the album

Final thoughts

Gucci Mane has always been known to be a quantity over quality kind of guy. This project is different. Where it’s does not exactly fall under the ‘quality’ category nor the ‘quantity’. Don’t get me wrong, Guwop’s pairing with Southside is brilliant as usual, but the replay value for this album is not exactly high — even with the short run-time. Some songs sound low quality, and the production seems lackluster.  But on the other hand, Gucci’s return to his street sound is something old-time fans will appreciate.


Overall, El Gato: The Human Glacier is still a solid project. I’d give this an above average 3/5.

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