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Restaurant Reviews / Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

It’s not often that you get to eat at a vegan restaurant in Bangkok that isn’t a Broccoli Revolution, Veganarie, or May Veggie. Man and The Figs is that hippy, cozy place that not only serves good food but also looks like an Instagram photo come to life doing it.

Located in the small soi before Emquartier (and inside Crane cafe), this dainty, unassuming restaurant is hard to find but worth the visit. Its chic decor and new age artwork transport you to a lazy Sunday, no matter what day it is.

But it’s not all about the vibes here, Man and The Fig Bangkok first caught my attention with their food pictures.

Everything looked so green, fresh, and innovative. Plus, when I saw that the menu revolved around real, simple, wholesome ingredients like figs, hemp seeds, chickpeas, truffles and tempeh, I knew I had to go.

And so I did.

hemp salad

Hemp Seed Salad | 180 THB

Hemp Seed, Quinoa, Chickpea, Lettuce, Almonds, Tomato & Balsamic Dressing

This salad is a like choir playing in perfect symphony. Every ingredient is it’s own instrument that not only stands out individually, but also performs well in harmony.

What I loved the most about this dish is the balsamic vinegar, which is just right, it tied the salad together but not in a way that’s overpowering. Instead, it was a background taste and let the ingredients do the talking.

The chickpeas form the body of this salad and while the hemp seeds add a crunch, with the quinoa’s volume rounding it up.

Quantity: For two

tempeh wrap

Tempeh Wrap With Jalapeno Nut Cheese | 270 THB

Organic Chickpea Tempeh, Jalapeno Almond & Cashew Nut Cheese, Mushroom Salad on the Side

This didn’t live up to my expectations. Fresh ingredients, an interesting sauce but let down by the supposed star of the show: the Tempeh.

I believe the wrap could have used more seasoning as a whole, considering the Jalapeno and Nut Cheese was quite mild —although I assume that’s by design since overly spicy isn’t healthy.

The cheese itself tasted like almonds, and I was hit by a singe of Jalapeno at the tip of my tongue every time I took a bite —the cashew helped with consistency.

On to the tempeh, which tasted like boiled, unsalted chickpeas 🙁

It could’ve been improved if the sauce coated the Tempeh instead of being drizzled on it. That way, I would’ve enjoyed both with every bite instead of being left with a bland Tempeh bar once the sauce was gone.

Quantity: For two.

truffle creamy

Truffle Creamy | 220THB

Portobello Mushroom, Homemade Truffle Oil, Fresh Cream, Milk, Parmesan Cheese, Onion, Parsley, Fettuccine Pasta

Vegan Food in Bangkok is almost never mentioned in the same breath as creamy, cheesy, or rich. That’s because vegan cheese is usually a combo of a nut with either a coconut-sauce or a mystery ingredient

In short, it tries too hard, man.

That’s why I picked the vegetarian option when it came to pasta.

A great choice, because damn the truffle oil and fresh cream went beast mode. The umami flavour made this pasta oaky, nutty, savoury, and fulfilling. The mushroom was nice and steaky. All of this was well complemented by the lush and buttery fresh cream sauce.

It also helped that the pasta was so well-topped with parmesan that it had a cheese pull!

Quantity: For two.

truffle pizza
truffle pizza

Truffle Pizza | 250THB

Homemade Truffle Oil, Portobello Mushrooms, Rocket Leaves

Not so much a truffle pizza as much as a tortilla with truffle sauce, mushrooms, and rocket leaves on it — still good though.

The truffle sauce and mushroom were the same for both pasta and pizza. I actually wanted to order the Man and The Figs Burger but they didn’t have it, which was pretty disappointing since it’s their signature dish.

Quantity: For two

Is Man and The Figs the Best Vegan Restaurant in Bangkok?

This is a simple, honest, vegan restaurant in Sukhumvit that is run by passionate people looking to please.

The food is amazing and priced reasonably too, but it’s not perfect yet.

Their signature dish being unavailable is a big no-no considering they’ve named the restaurant after it, and the taste can be a tad inconsistent (e.g. tempeh).

But these lapses aren’t too serious in the grand scheme of things. So is Man and The Figs Bangkok the best vegan restaurant in Bangkok?

It’s not, but it can be.

SCORE: 4/5

Feature image: Crane Cafe , Man and The Figs

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