What’s the problem with Migos’ Culture II?

Song and Artist Reviews / Wednesday, January 31st, 2018
Migos Culture

Migos rise to fame has been nothing short of exceptional. The Atlanta trio has dominated the charts since the release of their first breakout album Culture in 2016, and showed no signs of stopping.

With a predecessor like that, Culture II was expected to be one of the greatest Trap records of all time. Instead, the album disappointed fans and critics alike. With accusations like ‘stream trolling’ being thrown at the group liberally. Regardless of what’s being said, here are the three biggest problems most people had with this project, combined.

Quavo Culture


Culture II clocks in at a 1 hour and 45 minutes, comprises of 24 tracks, and is longer than most movies being released today.

While length is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s the intention behind the length which raises questions. Most critics have accused the Migos of inserting filler songs — displaying a lack of care for the final project — whereas others strongly implied that the group has tried to capitalize on ‘stream money’ since more tracks equal to more streams, which equates to a fat paycheck. In doing so, the group has reduced the very art form that propelled them to success, into a business model.

culture migos takeoff


If you’ve heard more than 5 Migos songs you know they operate on a set formula. Quavo comes in with a melodic hook, Takeoff lays down bars, and Offset is the perfect blend of the two aforementioned group members. Now imagine that formula being duplicated 24 times for an individual to consume in one sitting. It’s tedious and a border-line chore.

It also doesn’t help that the Migos are not diverse enough vocally, lyrically or instrumentally.

Adlibs can only carry you so far, and lyrics about cars, jewelry, chains and clothes get old quick. As quick as just 10 tracks in.

migos culture 2


Unless you’ve been living under a rock since, well…early 2016, you’ve probably heard of at least one of the Migos member’s lending their voice to fellow artists.

As of June 2017, Quavo alone was present on close to 30 tracks. Offset was crowned as the best feature artist of last year, and both Quavo and Offset released collaborative albums with Travis Scott (Huncho Jack) and 21 Savage (Without Warning), respectively.

Additionally, the trio also put out a playlist late last year (Quality Control) featuring chart-topping rappers, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B.

A year of dominance now brings along with it the unexpected side-effect of saturation. And although the debate of ‘can an artist release too much music?’ is one that has lasted ages, it’s relevancy shines through now more than ever.

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