Ronny’s Pizza, Bangkok Review (w/ menu & prices)

Restaurant Reviews / Monday, December 18th, 2017

Over the past decade the popularity of the Pizza in Asia has spawned creations and bastardized versions of the food which should be illegal. But can Ronny’s Pizza Bangkok, the personification of a hole-in-the-wall restaurant provide eaters with the real New York Pizza experience they promise to deliver?

Ambiance and Decor

Oh man this is going to be tough, when I said hole in the wall, I actually meant it- it’s not even a restaurant per se, more like a place to eat? I hope that made sense. Either way, the décor and ambiance is uninspired- plastic chairs and tables, kind of like a canteen. They’ve got bathroom tiles for flooring and maybe about 4 tables in total and 10 chairs, if the place gets full the owner and employees do pull out chairs from the back though. We went with about 5 people, and got to occupy 2 tables, the seating arrangement was cramped to say the least. What was most noticeable about the place was the giant pizza oven, surprising, but a pleasant surprise which made us look forward to the food even more!


There’s not much staff, the owner is a nice old Australian man, and the rest of the employees consist of maybe 3 (?) women from the north-eastern province of Isan, these 3 women are also the ones who make your food, we weren’t expecting that at all. Back to the service, it’s actually really great and very warm.  As evidence, I visited once before with a friend, maybe in the month of July, and when I went again recently (September) they recognized me, these people really care, and where do you find staff who genuinely care about their customers nowadays? Another thing, this place is located in Soi 4 and with good reason, it’s one of the few pizza joints in the city open for delivery until 3AM. In a city where it’s difficult to get good pizza and where most of the chains and other restaurants shut by 10PM; being open until that late makes it one of the perfect spots to eat some good comfort food right after your regrettable binge drinking session. Oh, and one more thing, whenever you call for delivery they never sound annoyed, a true marvel, not sure how they deal with drunks who call up late and still manage to deliver the CORRECT order (I’ve done it, believe me).

Note:  Since this is a very small joint they deliver pizza via the trademark bike-men of Bangkok (rabchang/win) as they do not have their own delivery men. Ronny’s Pizza also only delivers to certain areas, and delivery cost is obviously higher than usual.

Ronnys Pizza Bangkok The works
The Works


This is what you came for, in my humble opinion you probably won’t get better pizza in Thailand, not in the fancy restaurants, other mom and pop type shops and definitely not the pizza chains the country seems to love (Pizza Hut, Dominoes, Pizza Company). The Pie here is delicious, as someone who visited New York around 8 years ago, and if memory serves me right it actually reminded me of this one particular pizza place I visited as a fat little kid wanting to taste what the hype was all about. The crust is thin, the toppings are plentiful and the sauce is flavorful; Christmas came early lads

Of course, like all Pizza places, the pie comes in three sizes: 10″ (small), 14″ (medium), or 16″ (large) – additionally, you can choose two toppings per pizza (half-and-half) and yes, you can add extra cheese, veggies, pepperoni slices and more to customize your pizza to your heart’s desire.

What We Ordered:

Now although the place is literally called Ronny’s Pizza it does serve appetizers, salads and other main course meals such as Chicken Parmigiana, Meatball Subs, and Spaghetti. What good is an eatery without variety?

Bruschetta: We started off with the Bruschetta, and it was your standard affair, garlic bread topped with tomatoes, onions and garnished with olive oil and cilantro. The bread seemed to be store bought but the rest of the ingredients were pretty fresh, the tomato and onion mixture was tangy, however, notice how I specified a ‘garnish of olive oil’, Ronny’s Pizza served up the opposite of garnish, the thing was drenched in oil, making the bread soggier by the minute, and although the excess oil did not tamper with the flavours of the topping, in our opinion a little restraint with the oil would go a long way with this dish!

Meat Lasagna: Although we came for the pizza, we’re not bad reviewers so we did like to give the other dishes their time to shine too. Unfortunately, this lasagna did not shine much. Very average and nothing memorable. The beef was cooked well and the sheets were al dente but the sauce did not have the flavour we expected of it, just bang average and nothing to write home about, unfortunately.

We asked the staff about their favorite Pizza and they suggested going half “Yak” and half “The Works”

The Yak Pizza: SO. GOOD. Usually, I’d yack (get it?) at the suggestion of a vegetarian pizza, but this super simple topping consisting of Goat Cheese, Fresh Basil and Sundried Tomatoes hit the spot, man. The thin crust complimented the goat cheese- the bread didn’t get in the way of the cheese (looking at you, Pizza Company), the marinara base was flavor-full and I could actually smell the mixture of garlic and oregano cooked into the sauce. Lastly, do I really need to tell you what the combination of fresh basil and sundried tomatoes tastes like? Use your imagination. Yes, that’s how.

The Works: Are you ready to read what goes on a “The Works” pizza? Serious question, you ready? Are you? Ok, here goes- Ham, Sausage, Pepperoni, Black Olives, Onion, Spinach, Mushrooms, Green Pepper, Fresh Tomato, and Fresh Garlic. That’s 10 items. TEN. You usually don’t get more than 4 on a pizza if you head over to a chain. As you can see Ronny’s does not hold back, but like every coin has 2 sides, so does this. The good part is, all of these toppings come together to give your mouth an orgasm, they complement each other perfectly, the green pepper with the pepperoni, the black olives with the sausage- just thinking about it makes me drool (nothing sexual I promise). The bad side, man, I never really thought I’d say this but this pie could use a little less topping. Before you crucify me, let me explain. When you put together these many toppings on bread, the juices often seep in to the bread making it soggy, once your bread is soggy your pizza doesn’t hold up, once your pizza doesn’t hold up, the toppings slide right off it. And who wants to eat soggy bread with marinara sauce?

Ronnys Pizza Bangkok PIzza
Half Yak, Half Works


After all this delicious food you start to wonder about your wallet- was the food worth the money? Was it justified eating this much? Will you have enough money to pay for rent? What if you were to never buy the lottery ticket which would propel you into a crazy rich lifestyle because you didn’t have enough to eat after going to Ronny’s Pizza? Nooooooooooooo…sorry, got carried away.

As for the price, it’s a big stamp of approval from me, although the prices of this relatively small and unknown place are higher than usual, with large Pizzas of with the more exclusive toppings bordering near 500THB (The Works, The Shoarma, All Meat) and the more standard toppings (Vegetarian,  Chicken Pizza, Hawaiian) being closer to the 400THB mark (scale these prices down around 50THB and you’d get the price for the medium pizzas)- the quantity you get, even from the medium pizzas is enough to fill you up with just one order, which can be shared between two people. I must, however, advise you that if you’re a big eater, skip the appetizers and other meals and go straight for the large pizza and try to finish it off yourself, it’s no easy task but once it’s done I guarantee there are no regrets and you will thank me later.  Appetizers are between 50THB and 150THB, very average and frankly pretty cheap prices for the amount you get. The main course meals are between 180THB to 250THB and once again, the quantity justifies the price.


To conclude, Ronny’s really does provide a different experience and is the literal personification of the ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ cliché. To me, this pizza pie was worth every penny and the experience could not have gone better. Now, I must say that I am not an American, nor have I lived there for a longer period of time so I cannot guarantee that this is the fabled New York Pizza we’ve all come to hear about, but what I can say is, if you’re craving pizza, this is the place I’d go if you were me.

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