Shahrazad, Bangkok Review (w/ menu & prices)

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Soi 3 hosts a flood of middle-eastern eateries, some empty, some full. But somewhere deep in Soi 3/1 lies Shahrazad Bangkok, a Lebanese restaurant with a distinctly Iranian theme. The question then, is does this restaurant stand-out amongst a street literally lined with diners of similar stature? Ambiance and Decor Honestly, nothing to write home [...]
December 17, 2017

Glassroom Udom Suk Bangkok, Review

Restaurant Reviews
Hear me out; if Sukhumvit is Batman- the first to experience developments, the highlight of the city, and always coming out on top even though it HAS ISSUES (traffic, noise and people pollution anyone?). Then Udom Suk is indeed Black Panther, in more ways than one. Just like Black Panther, this neighborhood is always under [...]
December 16, 2017