What A Time To Be Alive | Drake & Future Mixtape Review

Song and Artist Reviews / Thursday, May 30th, 2019

What a time to be alive — and being “alive,” according to  Future and Drake involve feelings of love, jealousy, and greed wrapped around too many strippers in a night to remember.

This is the sound of Future’s Dirty South meeting Drake’s Great White North, both artists playing off their louder-than-life personas to perfection.

The album starts off with Digital Dash, firmly in Future’s territory. He talks about him and Drake being at the top of their careers, unable and unwilling to slow down.

The album carries on with Big Rings, with Drake rapping about needing “really nice things.”

He raps with such conviction that you begin questioning if he’s the most materialistic man alive.

Live from the Gutter has both men confessing about the harsh realities of their lives.

Future talks about the unforgiving streets of Atlanta; Drake broods about the struggles of the high life.

Both tell compelling stories.

Diamonds DancingScholarships, and Plastic bag are my favorite songs on this What A Time To Be Alive.

They’re nothing more than both men talking about their fame, and how they have so many bitches “that we barely want them.”

The swagger and pathos that Drake and Future ooze is nothing short of exemplary.

Future is in his element, and though Drake is a bystander in this section of the album, his refrains and too-good-for-you delivery more than makeup for it.

The tracklist is rounded up by an excited Drake on Jumpman and a reflective Future on Jersey.

Both songs take a moment to speak on the rewards of being top-selling artists, living lavishly, and their love for that lean.

Finally, What A Time To Be Alive wouldn’t have been what it is without Metro Boomin’s stellar production.

The boy is magic, and on this album he ensures you know it.

My only complaint from this album is that these are creative guys bouncing off each other, seeing where the muse takes them.

Which means What A Time To Be Alive isn’t always pretty, isn’t really innovative, and doesn’t always advance rap forwards.

But it is still a banger.

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